Webs & Words

Enhance your professional presence and personal image with web design and written content developed specifically for your needs.

Clear, persuasive communication is essential for success. Webs & Words will help improve your communications—and your results—with easy, affordable web design and effective writing for the web or printed page.


Customized, affordable web sites—as easy as email

Your web site can be as simple as an online business card or as complex as you need. All Webs & Words sites use the free WordPress platform that lets you update text and images as easily as writing an email. Too busy to keep things updated yourself? I’ll be glad to do it for you.

Sites for small business and professionals sites turn visitors into clients
Capture the attention of web surfers by showcasing your products, services, and expertise. Convert casual viewers into paying customers.
Nonprofit sites support all your audiences
Provide immediate help for your service population; financial and social benefits for potential donors; opportunities for volunteers to have fun while doing good; details and photos for the press.
Author sites build community and promote sales
Fill the gaps in your publisher’s marketing campaign or run your own. An established online community of readers (and potential buyers) can boost credibility with agents and publishers.


Compelling, accurate writing—customized for your audience

Whether online or on paper, you need written content that is clear, convincing, and always grammatically correct. Writing services are available at any level, from simple proofreading to complete researching, writing, and preparation of the final document. Want to learn to write better yourself? Let’s work on it together.

Your words, only better
Editing so smooth even you won’t know it’s been revised—except you’ve never sounded this good before.
Business, technical, and academic writing
How will anyone know the value of your work if you can’t explain it well? Get clear, polished content for web or print, including software documentation, technical and medical papers, business communications, and academic writing.
Focused web content
Writing for the web has its own set of requirements. Make sure your content is fully optimized for search engines and targeted at your core audience.
Writing assistance at the level you want
From constructing logical arguments to simple grammar—get the training you need. One-time or ongoing mentoring for academic programs, distance education, and business writers.